Mrs Crimble’s Big Bakewell Slices

The Mrs Crimble’s range have new packaging so I thought I would test out a product.

Ingredients – Sugar, rice flour, eggs, rapeseed oil, coconut, potato starch, palm oil, humectant:vegetable glycerol; glucose syrup, apricots, rice starch, dextrose, strawberries 2%, almonds 1%, stabilisers: locust bean gum, sodium alginate, modified corn starch, pectin; flavourings, salt, raising agents: sodiumbicarbonate, glucono-delta-lactone; invert sugar, lemon juice, preservative: potassium sorbate; acidity regulators: citric acid, calcium citrate; elderberry juice, concentrates (lemon, safflower), plant extracts (turmeric, paprika).

Hygge is so last year, apparently the new Scandinavian philosophy on the block is lagom, which is frankly much easier to say.  Lagom is a Swedish word meaning everything in moderation, not too much, not too little.  An associated part of Swedish culture is fika, which is not easily translatable, but roughly means “coffee with cake and chit chat” so not working too much, but stopping for a break.  This seems like a philosophy I can get behind as I too am partial to a mid-afternoon break with something sweet; obviously, as I am British, I have to drink tea, but the vibe is similar.  And this slowly brings me to Mrs Crimbles’ bakewell slices.  I appreciated that they were individually wrapped, which encouraged me to eat them in moderation.  Lots of gluten free products are very small portions and these are big Bakewell slices so actually the size of a gluteny version, just right.  They are also quite lagom in that the textures are nicely balanced with a crisp base, squidge of jam and topped with softer sponge.  I’ll be honest there is nothing moderate about the sweetness levels, but, as I ate these to prepare myself for the gauntlet that is the school run, I appreciated this.

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