Fork and Wine Restaurant, Brightlingsea

Fork and Wine is a non-chain restaurant situated on the High Street in Brightlingsea (a small coastal town in North Essex, UK).

UPDATE – On 28/11/17, Fork and Wine received a 0 rating from the Food Standards Agency.  The restaurant is currently closed.

I had previously eaten breakfast there and was impressed that they had a gluten-free breakfast menu.  Allergy Dad and I decided to try lunch there.  Our waitress was new to the job so wasn’t quite sure which meals I could order, but went off with a menu to find out.  The chef quickly annotated it with which meals were already gluten free and which he could adapt to be gluten free.  I had a choice of almost the whole menu so that was excellent.  I chose baked cod loin topped with lemon crust, and served with Dutch mussels, triple cooked hand-cut chips and seasonal vegetables.  It was finished with a creamy garlic lemon butter sauce.

forkIt was really delicious and flavourful.  The fish was cooked to perfection.  If I was going to be picky then I would have liked the meal overall to be a little hotter, as the sauce was lukewarm and cooler than the cod.  I was also confused because it was served with both new potatoes and chips, which seemed a bit like spud overkill.  However, it was excellent value for money and a very good meal for a family restaurant.

We really appreciated the “can do” attitude of the waiting and kitchen staff, with regards to allergies.  We had an early lunch so they weren’t too busy; we took advantage of this to ask about the children’s menu.  Again, the chef was consulted and he seemed to think that he could accommodate the Allergy Brothers’ needs.  Obviously, we will give them fair warning when we book, and we won’t attempt this during their busy Christmas season.  However, there is the tantalising possibility that the Allergy Brothers will have their first restaurant meal in 2018!

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