Reflets de France Buckwheat Crepes

Ingredients – Water, Buckwheat flour, Salt, Sunflower oil.

May contain traces of wheat, milk and eggs.

Firstly, a big apology for the gap in reviewing.  Life just completely got in the way and I am very sorry.

Right on with the review, it seemed really silly to buy such a simple product ready made, especially as you have to reheat the crepe in a frying pan with butter (or, in our case, dairy free spread), which is basically most of the work of making a crepe.  However, this was much nicer and thinner than any crepe I could make.

I did make a bit of a dog’s dinner of the first crepe because I didn’t use enough spread.  It still tasted good though with Vegamigo dairy-free pizza “cheese” and ground pepper.


I even managed to cook one correctly.


So yummy, but I probably won’t buy it again because I ate so much spread and “cheese” with it.

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