Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg

Ingredients – Whole algal flour, Whole algal protein, Modified cellulose, Cellulose, Gellan gum, Calcium lactate (plant source), Carageenan, Nutritional yeast, Black salt.

I had been reading rave reviews of this plant-based egg replacer all over the internet (egg replacer you can scramble – girly scream of excitement!) so Allergy Little and I were pretty excited to try this.  Well, to be fair, I was excited to try this; he just wanted to do some whisking.  The instructions recommended ice cold water so we used ice cubes to cool the tap water down.  The instructions also said to whisk vigorously, and Allergy Little took this responsibility very seriously.


Once the excitement of whisking had worn off, the complaining started.  “It smells yuck,” he said.  To be fair, it smelt sulphurous and eggy.  I tried to explain that this is what eggs smell like.  Allergy Little looked at me sceptically.  I told him all would be well once it was scrambled.  So we cooked the vegan egg mixture.




“It looks like monster snot,” he said.  Again, annoyingly, Allergy Little was right; it did have a strange gel-like texture, not like scrambled eggs.  But the proof of the pudding, or plant-based egg substitute, is in the tasting.

I added a little black pepper and Maldon salt.  Allergy Little would just not try it, and,  despite his many allergies, he is often quite gung ho about trying new foods so this was an early warning for me.  I tried it.  I didn’t like the texture.  It was slimy and wrong.  I decided it was just because I was expecting scrambled egg texture and this was slightly different.  I just needed to get used to it and eat some more.  About a quarter of my way in, I decided that Allergy Little was right; there was something in this that was not agreeing with me.  After the lentil pasta debacle, I am much more open to trusting the Allergy Brothers’ first impressions.  They literally seem to be able to smell out their allergens.  Allergy Little’s complete refusal was a sign that I should quit before this made me really ill.  I have no idea which ingredient made me feel ill, but you can bet we won’t try this again!


Abakus Hickory Nuts

20160516_100804Ingredients – Hickory nuts (91%), Sugar, Salt.

May contain sesame seeds and traces of other nuts.

OMG!  Dear God, these tasted good.  So rich, they were almost buttery.  Sweet and salty.  Simply the best tasting thing I have ever put in my mouth.  Really.

I was wondering why I had never heard of these nuts before.  It turns out that they are, according to the internet so it must be true, difficult to shell.  The packet states that these Hickory nuts are shelled by hand, which is presumably labour intensive and expensive, but oh so worth it.  Move over pecans; despite being from the same genus, you have been sent to second place by my new favourite nut, the hickory nut.

NuGo Dark Peanut Butter Cup

Ingredients – Dark chocolate (Unsweetened chocolate, Cane sugar, Cocoa butter), Non-GMO soy crisp (Non-GMO soy protein isolate, Tapioca starch, Salt), Tapioca syrup, Agave syrup, Non-GMO Brown crisp rice, Ground peanuts, Peanut flour, Rice bran, Gum acacia, Peanut oil, Natural flavour, Soy lecithin, Salt.

Contains Peanut and Soy.  Manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing tree nuts, milk, and egg.  Product is produced under Kosher supervision and is certified Pareve.


I was pulling a late night working on my lap top and decided I needed something to give me an energy boost.  This definitely hit the spot. There was a generous layer of dark chocolate, and it was pretty sugary.  The NuGo bar was crispy and light too.  This bar fulfilled all my requirements and fuelled me for another hour with my nose to the spreadsheet grindstone.


Amy’s Kitchen Manhattan Veggie Burger

Ingredients – Organic quinoa, Organic mushrooms, Organic onions, Organic celery, Organic carrots, Gluten free oats, Organic walnuts, Organic tapioca starch, Organic chickpea flour, Organic tomato puree, Sea salt, Sunflower oil, Organic garlic, Organic sugar, Filtered water, Organic potatoes, Cider vinegar, Organic molasses, Organic green sweet peppers, Hickory smoke flavour, Distilled white vinegar, Ground mustard seeds, black pepper, spices.


I quite like Amy’s Kitchen products (I reviewed their Breakfast Bun, and Burrito favourabl20160516_094206y) so I had high hopes for this product.  The packaging suggested four cooking methods: hob, barbecuing, oven or microwave oven.  The first time around I tried the oven method as it meant I could cook some oven chips simultaneously. I was rewarded with some salty, dried out, cork coasters.  Not good.  The second time, I fried them on the hob.  This was much more successful.  The moisture and flavour was sealed in.  The texture was better.  I could also actually taste the mushrooms and quinoa.  So, depending on the cooking methods available to you, this is either awful or quite nice!

Eli’s Earth Bars – Dream Big Bar

Ingredients – Rice milk chocolate (evaporated cane juice, rice milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, almond milk, whole vanilla bean), Brown rice syrup, Peanuts, Evaporated cane juice, Peanut oil, Sea salt.

Shares equipment with peanuts/tree nuts, may contain trace amounts of dairy protein.

I have two words for you : vegan Snickers.  My life is complete.


Amy’s Kitchen Mexican Burrito

Ingredients – Organic pinto beans, Filtered water, Organic cooked brown rice, Organic chickpea flour, Organic tomato puree, Organic potato starch, Sunflower oil, Organic onions, Organic tapioca starch, Organic sweet peppers, Organic sorghum flour, Organic sweet rice flour, Organic sugar, Sea salt, Spices, Organic garlic.


Oooh, vegan, gluten free convenience food!  Yay!  These are not pretty to look at, but they sit in my freezer waiting for me to mess up buying fresh food and then help me out.  Three minutes in the microwave and voila!  I find them quite tasty in an instituitional, stodgy food kind of way.  One of these and some salad makes an acceptable meal.  Amy’s Kitchen have made this Allergy Mum’s life easier.

Reflets de France Buckwheat Crepes

Ingredients – Water, Buckwheat flour, Salt, Sunflower oil.

May contain traces of wheat, milk and eggs.

Firstly, a big apology for the gap in reviewing.  Life just completely got in the way and I am very sorry.

Right on with the review, it seemed really silly to buy such a simple product ready made, especially as you have to reheat the crepe in a frying pan with butter (or, in our case, dairy free spread), which is basically most of the work of making a crepe.  However, this was much nicer and thinner than any crepe I could make.

I did make a bit of a dog’s dinner of the first crepe because I didn’t use enough spread.  It still tasted good though with Vegamigo dairy-free pizza “cheese” and ground pepper.


I even managed to cook one correctly.


So yummy, but I probably won’t buy it again because I ate so much spread and “cheese” with it.