Rawkin’ Roons by Raw 46

Ingredients: Desiccated Coconut (44%), Coconut sugar, Water, Extra virgin coconut oil, Almonds, Cacao Nibs (6.16%), Vanilla extract, Vanilla beans, Himalayan pink salt.

Produced in a facility that processes tree nuts, soya, sesame seed and mustard.

A packet of rawkin roons against some flowering honeysuckle.

These were surprisingly nice.  Even more surprisingly, Allergy Dad, our resident salad dodger, liked them too.  The macaroons were quite challenging in texture as they were dense and hard.  The macaroons are quite small so the texture was manageable.  Even if your baked goods eating skills aren’t quite as honed as mine,  you should be able to chomp through them.  The cacao nibs were used generously so that the chocolate flavour was definitely tangible.  I probably won’t buy them again as they would be just for Allergy Dad and me.  However, if I was committed to a raw lifestyle then I would probably have a stash of Rawkin’ Roons somewhere.


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