Om Bar 60% Coconut

ombar-coconut-probiotic-chocIngredients – Raw Cacao, coconut sugar, raw coconut cream, cacao butter, vanilla pods, and probiotics.

This isn’t a new product, but the price had always put me off trying it (£1.80-2.50 ish for a very small bar). Today, I saw a bar half price so I thought I would try it

My initial impressions were good. The texture is closer to milk chocolate than plain, and it seemed really creamy. However, it left me with an unpleasant ashy aftertaste. This actually increased with each mouthful so it was quite unpleasant by the last piece (I like to be thorough and complete my chocolate tasting!).

In conclusion, would I buy it again? No, coconut is one of the boys’ allergens so it is no good for them. And no amount of healthy rawness and probiotics is going to persuade me to eat yucky chocolate. Chocolate is a food just for pleasure in my opinion. This is expensive way of ruining that.

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