Booja Booja Icecream

Booja Booja Icecream


The boys are not allergic to any of the ingredients!
Creamy flavour and texture.


Hard to scoop especially after the first time.


This was a success for Little as he really enjoyed it, and it is nice for him to have a treat food. The ice cream has a dense consistency though so was challenging for him to eat with a spoon. I ended up cutting it into slithers in his bowl for him to scoop up. Big didn’t like either flavour at all.

I would buy this again, but it’s definitely a treat, not an everyday  because of the price.

Vegan Gluten Free Garlic Dough Balls (Soft Sage brand)

Vegan Gluten Free Garlic Dough Balls (made by Soft Sage)

Pros – cook from frozen so a good emergency food, thoughtfully made with a flat bit for resting on the baking tray.
Cons – not really like dough balls.

I thought these were really interesting, but the description as dough balls was misleading. As you can hopefully see from the photos, they puff up quite a bit in a souffle type way (they also flumpf back down again if you are not careful). It’s probably more accurate to say that they are like crispy profiteroles. In fact, these might be quite nice filled with soft cheese or a vegan equivalent. I also wondered if the plain versions could be used to make gluten free profiteroles with cream piped in and chocolate sauce drizzled over the top.

As for the Allergy Brothers, Big would not even try them because he didn’t like the garlic smell (definitely more a reflection of how sensitive his senses are, rather than how garlicky they were). Little tried them, but wasn’t impressed. Myself and Allergy Dad scoffed the lot. We thought they were nice, but too expensive for what they are (although we found out that they are much cheaper if bought from the Soft Sage online shop than the independent health food shop we bought them from).